I would like to introduce a world to you, that provides you and insight of the beauties of the past through my website, that gives home to furniture made of the finest types of wood.

Welcome to my website!

Let me introduce myself! I am Fábiánkovits Gábor.

Artificial furniture carpenter, furniture restorer.

My goal is to introduce you to the beauty of traditional hand-made carpentry profession, to restoration, to the artistic processing of wood, through my website, that I have learned, developed and practiced for decades, so that I can put the acquired knowledge in my profession, for my clients’ disposal.

The dearest and most authoritative thing for me is that I was able to work for Friedrich Otto Schmidt at an antique furniture company in Vienna for more than 10 years.

I had the priviledge to work on restoring the furnitures and interior fittings of the entire castle. I present you few of the renovated furnitures during the invitation in photos.

I make my furniture with the ethics of traditional restoration with bone-warm gelatine, and in case of strong structural bonds, I also use today’s achievements when polishing furniture. With hand shellac polish - resin dissolved in alcohol - I provide each part with a pumice seal and ball for days to provide lasting varnish that doesn’t fade over time.

Naturally, as an artificial  furniture carpenter, I don’t only restore but also make replicas, authentical copies in any style and size with traditional folding, tapping, planing, hand polishing, svartnis gluing.

The repertoire of my services is enriched by the art of wood carving and the repair of carvings, as well as the gilding and silver plating of the complete surface, which is a classic technique for coating furniture and wooden utensils.

Not exhaustive, I am familiar with the following styles:

  • Renaissance
  • Baroque
  • Rococo
  • Empire
  • Biedermeier
  • Art Nouveau

Feel free to contact me, even as an interior designer, if you are looking for a reliable, precise carpentry partner, for the interior imagined by your client! In my work, I always strive to make a meticulously crafted, timeless, high-quality piece that is as timeless as the style itself.

I am obliged to achieve new challenges and possibilities!

Are you looking for a reliable restorer?

Do you have questions? Call me with confidence!